Server Solutions

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Total Cost of Ownership

In addition to the lower initial cost of the hardware, the total cost of ownership on thin client solutions is reduced, because centralizing applications and storage allow your users as much or as little flexibility as their jobs require. Time wasted on software faults, user errors, llegitimate/unproductive activity and mechanical failure are all reduced drastically. The thin client solutions add real return on investment, with increased life of that investment.

Fast and Reliable

All application upgrades are done from the data center, giving all thin clients immediate access to that upgrade, without the need for complex roll-out plans or onsite service calls. Data is efficiently stored on the server and not on the individual PC. This provides for high availability and greater data integrity and security. While this may sound like a new approach, Carolina IT Consulting has been successfully rolling out this solution for several years.


The thin client looks like a small PC, but has no mechanical components, such as fans and hard disks; no moving parts means extraordinarily reduced hardware failure rates, virtually 0%. With a thin client solution, all of the processing, storage, management and security are done centrally on the server. The devices are merely vehicles to the data, so data cannot be stolen via USB, CD or DVD. Furthermore, unauthorized data cannot be introduced, meaning possible attacks from the outside are virtually a thing of the past..