Prepare for the unexpected and protect your business

Share, secure and store your data anytime - anywhere with confidence


Carolina IT Consulting offers a convenient and secure way for you to back up your computers, external hard drives, NAS devices, Windows Servers, Databases and Live Applications. Backing up with the cloud is also immeasurably more reliable than antiquated methods of data backup. Take for example, zip drives, CDs, and tape drives; all of these methods are error-prone and have high rates of failure.

Safeguard your business

Whether you’re a developer or a business owner, you need to prepare for the unexpected. Rackspace Cloud Backup safeguards your business by protecting the important files that your website or application needs. Get back to normal operations quickly with the ability to rapidly restore files after a hard drive fails or you lose a file.

Secure your data

Carolina IT Consulting addresses regulatory data security and privacy concerns by employing a multi-layered security model that includes transmission security, account security (access), password security,encryption security and secure messaging. Enterprise-grade encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bit key) is available. When encryption is enabled, your data will be encrypted with a passphrase that only you know. Once you create your AES-256 encryption key, your data is encrypted before it leaves the server and remains safely encrypted while stored.